Passionate about cashmere

Our Story

It all started with one question

How do we make cashmere more accessible, durable & sustainable?

The Blends was born out of our immerse love for cashmere and concern on how unsustainably it is produced and consumed. Fast fashion has put immense pressure on this industry - from the herders to the manufacturers, the crisis has been felt for years. And with fashion waste piling up in landfills rapidly, we needed to start doing things differently.

The Blends was created to contribute in reducing this pressure.

We believe in slow fashion and reponsible consumption - we only produce what is needed, no waste. We’re on a mission to save our planet from landfills by making high quality cashmere clothing that lasts for years - all of our products are responsibly sourced, produced and shipped directly to you.

Anishta Purrahoo, Co-Founder & CEO

Anishta was drawn to the opportunity of creating a brand that speaks to her generation and their specific needs. These include sustainability, affordability and customisation - all notions she is familiar with as an experienced marketer holding an MBA from Middlesex University London. Anishta started The Blends with a vision to not only create a beautiful clothing label but also one that empowers its customers - giving them the choice to make a difference.


Pablo Quiles, Co-Founder & CTO

Pablo is a Trade Consultant with a Master in International Economic Law from University of Barcelona. He has worked with several governments across the world, which fueled his passionate for ethical trade and responsible sourcing. He's excited being a part of The Blends as they work towards achieving his vision to sourcing 100% sustainably-made materials with full visibility on their environmental impact.


Atish Purrahoo, Co-Founder & COO

Atish has been in the textile and garment industry for over ten years. He is also the managing director of Innowear Ltd, his family-owned manufacturing company, the main supplier of The Blends. His goal as an entrepreneur was to sell direct-to-customer, creating unique customer experiences with quality design that excels at functionality - which led him into this business venture where he gets to start from scratch!