Blending style and sustainability

About Us

The Blends

The Blends creates the perfect balance between style, sustainability and comfort.

Designed to last a lifetime

Our Fibres

When it comes to fashion, sustainability is serious but we also want you to have fun while curating your perfect outfit. That’s why our carefully-chosen blends of cashmere with fibers that are “eco-friendly, renewable and a great alternative to 100% virgin cashmere" give you more choice than ever before!

Our Supplier

Todd & Duncan

150 years of experience


Our supplier

Our amazing and luxurious cashmere blends are spun by Scottish mill Todd & Duncan, one of the oldest and finest yarn spinners in the world. Their refined traditional techniques give their yarns longevity, versatility and character. They also use environmentally friendly dyes and work in close partnership with approved de-hairers to encourage sustainable herding and grazing practices, promote high standards of animal welfare, and work to protect this traditional way of life within nomadic communities.

Our Factory

Our designers have carefully crafted products that can be worn for years to come and we work in close collaboration with our manufacturer to ensure every garment is produced with high ethical standards. We are continuously challenging ourselves so that we can create sustainable solutions at every stage of the journey, whether it's designing more eco-friendly products or cutting down on waste after production.

Our Ethos

Sustainability is a journey, and we are just getting started. To remain on track and we have established the 6 pillars of “who we be” that dictates every aspect of how we do things, from sourcing to marketing - it will take more than good intentions or creative ideas; it requires discipline and determination.