6 pillars of who we be

Our Ethos

The Blends

The 6 pillars of our “who we be”as a brand dictate every aspect of how we do things, from sourcing to marketing.

Know where we going

Eyes set on the long-term vision with resolute determination to make it happen.

Get stuff done

We never settle until stuff is done and done well, which means we work hard to find the best solutions and deliver them on time.

Empathy over ego

We always put our people and customers first and we serve with dignity.

In this together

We are a team, we respect each other and we look after each other - we are not in this alone.

Make a difference

We bring together creativity, innovation & a sense of responsibility in everything we do.

Do the right thing

We will always try to do what we say we'll do and we'll do it with integrity & honesty.