Zero waste, Perfect fit


fast fashion & Overproduction

"An estimated 92 million tonnes of textiles waste is created each year, and the equivalent to a rubbish truck full of clothes ends up on landfill sites every second."


The Solution


It addresses the fashion industry's waste problem head on and can be a big contributor in eliminating fashion’s biggest problem, aka overproduction.

The Blends only produces when an order is made. This cuts down on potential waste with unsold overstock, and saves our environment while also makes room for inclusivity and customisation.

The Perfect Fit

Made to measure

The Blends stands for zero compromise.

We strive with passionate belief towards providing the high quality garments with the perfect fit for you and the environment alike.

We can create for each individual requiring tailored support based off their unique needs & style preferences which ultimately saves both time/money by avoiding returns due needing something bigger than what was ordered originally as well reducing waste disposal costs because no unwanted garments get ending up at landfill sites.

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